Rehoboth sagt Danke

Rehoboth sagt Danke

Wie wichtig neben finanzieller oder sachlicher Spenden auch die menschliche Hilfe ist, zeigt einmal mehr der Bericht von Vera Tune, Direktorin der Private School Rehoboth, über die Arbeit und den Erfolg unserer Praktikanten vor Ort.


Dear Bernhard and Ute,

we have come to the end of the second trimester of 2016 and we did an excellent job thus far. It is only school holidays until 29 August then we start for the last trimester. As you know our volunteers are going to Origo School during the morning session and to the Private School in the afternoon for learning support. I am so proud and can shout to the rooftops for what we have achieved with those learners in the afternoon. In the examination they wrote now in August all six of them improved their marks between 20% to 25%  The parents are calling to thank us for the personal attention these learners are getting and could believe it when they saw the reports.

A good example, one of those boys, he has been in the “special class” since he started his schooling in grade 1. This year he became part of the normal stream for the first time and his was put into grade 6. He was so nervous and could not adapt to the bigger group in the normal class. He did so good that his mother cried when she saw his report because he really struggled. He is now confident, he speaks his mind and even asks now if he does not follow or understand in class. Before our learning support he would just sit and give no response at all. He did not only accelerated in his schoolwork but also started to mature towards his belief in himself and his attitude towards learning changed for the good. The learners in the “special class” are normally referred to as stupid and cannot learn anything.

I must really thank you from the bottom of my heart for your engagement in our community towards education.

Greetings to everybody.

Be blessed




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